Taanishi, Victoria Bouvier, ikkiwa, dishinikawshon niya Michif - I am a proud Michif (Métis) woman from Calgary, Alberta. My ancestors come from the St. Francois Xavier community of the Red River Settlement. I am a doctoral student in curriculum and learning in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. My Master’s research work focused on Métis ways of knowing, and my current doctoral work is exploring how Métis people practice and express their self-understandings, both individually and collectively in urban environments through oral model of learning and visual media.

Ashley Cornect-Benoit is Mi'kmaq First Nation, French, Irish born in Southern Ontario but spent much of her childhood with her family on the Port au Port peninsula in Western Newfoundland. Ashley is a PhD student in the Community Health Sciences program specializing in Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary. 

Ashley’s understanding of traditional medicine and biomedical health care has guided her research interests and has aided in the development of her current research project that aims to nurture intergenerational relationships to address the increased prevalence of brain aging and mental health concerns amongst Indigenous older adults and youth. Ashley aspires to attend medical school in the forthcoming years with hopes of increasing the presence of community-based approaches to healing and wellness through an intergenerational lens.

Kori Czuy is Cree Métis Polish born in the Peace Country of Treaty 8, with roots back to Red River and North Battleford, but her spirit is rejuvenated in the mountains of Treaty 7.

After working in education in multiple capacities around the globe for almost a decade, then obtaining her Masters of Education & International Development at the Institute of Education in London England, she returned to her roots at Mohkinstsis.

She is a PhD Candidate at the Werklund School of Education- University of Calgary, focusing on critically weaving Indigenous ways of knowing with ethno(mathematics) through community and story.

Merion is Métis Icelandic, who was born in Winnipeg close to her relations from the Interlakes of Manitoba, grew up on the prairies, and learns much by the rivers of Mohkinstsis.

Merion is a Masters student in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Calgary. Her research interests are based in the phonetics and phonology of Indigenous languages, including Indigenous Englishes, language acquisition and attrition, as well as attitudes towards different language features. She is inspired by elders and language keepers who share their languages with others, and their students who listen and learn. With her research and the relationships she builds, she hopes to contribute to language revitalization efforts.

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